Our corporate training works closely with your business, to provide appropriate and effective wellbeing support for you and your staff. We understand the pressures of work and the importance of a physically and emotionally healthy workforce. Our training builds resilience and enhances team.

People focused, we maximise outcomes with the minimal amount of workplace interruption. It is designed to provide strategies and techniques for colleagues to support each other in the day to day work environment and beyond. Considerate of ROI we can include CSR opportunities where appropriate.

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Latest courses

Workplace Wellness

With an increase in ‘chronic diseases’ and an ever-ageing population, who are required to work longer before retirement, the need to ensure that our workforce is physically and emotionally fit for work, is even more important than it’s ever been. This course will offer a space to consider your responsibility as an employer and how you can ensure you are supporting your employees appropriately.

We will look at what workplace wellness is, why it’s important in helping to cut down and prevent the need for sick day absences and what you can do within the workplace to promote and support healthy lifestyle choices. The course offers the opportunity to examine how to support an employee who is returning to work following a long absence through ill health or following a bereavement.

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Managing Grief and Loss

This course raises awareness of grief and loss. It will help the learners if they are/have experienced grief and loss in their own lives, to understand better, the process that we must work through, in order to move forward into a new future.  Learners will have an increased ability to offer support to people in their lives who are experiencing grief and loss.

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Managing Stress

This course will raise awareness of an individual’s emotions, what the triggers are and to look for more positive ways of managing their anger, their behaviours and the impact upon others around them.

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This course gives an awareness of Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults, explore attitudes and values, knowledge about safeguarding, safeguarding legislation, definitions and signs of abuse, categories of child protection, dealing with disclosures and safeguarding procedures.

9:30am to 3:30pm – Thursday 22nd November 2018

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Mental Health Awareness

This course offers an awareness of mental health, including the different groups and types, as well as the signs and symptoms, that may highlight someone is suffering with a mental health illness. Learners will begin to consider potential triggers, our perception within society, of mental health, the effects on the individual and their family and friends, and ways they can help the sufferer to more, effectively manage their illness. This will help learners who are working or volunteering with sufferers to understand, recognise, respond and appropriately sign-post, whenever necessary.

9:30am to 3:30pm – Thursday 8th November 2018

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An Introduction to Mindfulness

This course raises awareness of the use of ‘mindfulness’ and help learners to think about being in the moment, to consider the thoughts that can hold them back and think about how they can begin to use more positive thinking moving forwards.

10:00am to 2:00pm – Tuesday 6th November 2018

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Anger Management

This course will raise your awareness of emotions, what the triggers are and help you to look for more positive ways of managing anger, behaviours and the impact upon others around you.

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