Gatty’s Gift

Gatty’s Gift: A Centenary of Colour and Community is a Heritage Lottery Funded project, facilitated by artist Claire Wellesley-Smith, which aims to bring together the local community to explore the heritage and history of Elmfield Hall and the surrounding parklands. Local residents were invited to be a part of the project, which culminates in an exhibition at the Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington which will be open to the public from Wednesday 19th May.

The project commenced just a few weeks before the UK’s national lockdown, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, began. The group quickly adapted, commencing online meetings, using digital tools for research and working to social distancing guidelines when in-person activities were allowed.

Whilst the exhibition will be open to the general public from Wednesday 19th May, the group has recognised the need for a digital alternative for those who may be unable to attend in person and to help reach a wider audience. Below you will find an interactive 360° Tour of the exhibition, courtesy of Mark Pollit Photography. We hope you enjoy the tour, if you would like more information please email

Viewing the Exhibition

To view the exhibition online, please click on the link above. For maximum quality, we recommend viewing in full-screen mode.

Use your mouse or touch screen to rotate left or right, up or down to view the room.

To view points of interest and to ‘walk’ the exhibition, scroll with your mouse or touchpad towards the floor of the gallery. Here you will see a ‘360°’ logo and an arrow. Click on the arrows to move around and view the various exhibits.

Click on the ‘i’ button to view more information and images relating to your chosen exhibit. Once you have viewed the exhibit, simply scroll towards the gallery floor again and use the arrow to move on to the next one.

Should you need any further assistance, please email


What has the project achieved?

  • Community engagement in heritage
  • Identified local heritage
  • Developed new skills
  • Improved wellbeing
  • An ongoing legacy

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